*DX NEWS* 79DA103 Choi RX QSL Collection

Popular Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 79DA103 Choi is in receipt of his monster QSL package from Oceania Continental QSL Manager and HQ Team member 43DA001 Darren from Australia.

At just 30 years of age, Choi is one of his country’s most successful young DXers; one whom receives a large volume of mail through his Australia based Manager.  

This is not surprising given that OC-129 is claimed by only half of IOTA enthusiasts on ham bands and that the Philippine Islands (79 Division) remains an elusive DXCC for many operators on the 11m band!

A DA-RC member since 2009, 79DA103 Choi has an impressive ham station consisting of a number of transceivers and a half-wave vertical antenna which towers high above his family.  

This is nestled within his home village in Negros Oriental (Nicknamed ‘The Bukuvu of the Philippines’) which occupies the south-eastern half of Negros Island.

This island is one of many in the rare Visayan Island IOTA Group (OC-129).

With a young family, 79DA103 Choi is thankful for his time behind the microphone chasing DX.

He looks forward to speaking with more of his friends in the Dx adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) across the bands in the future.