SWOTA Rules of Activation

Visual Sight & 1000m Rules

Due to the unlikelihood of being able to set up a station on board a shipwreck structure due to shipwreck preservation concerns, council regulations, obvious safety issues caused by decay of the hull and/or the wreck being offshore, the same visual sight and/or 1000m rules used in Lighthouse On The Air (LOTA) and Castles and Fortresses On The Air (COTA) activities can be applied by the DXpedition team or operator.

Longitude & Latitude Rule

Conversely, when a submerged wreck is deeper than a 1000m and therefore not in visual sight, then the 1000m or visual sight rules will be replaced by the Longitude and Latitude Rule which involves an anchored maritime mobile station working from a distance of no more than 1000m from the wreck’s known coordinates.

Any questions regarding SWOTA activity not answered by these program guidelines should be directed to the Program Coordinator via the link to DA-RC Headquarters.