Positions Vacant #HQ Member/s#

smallantenna_3An exciting administrative opportunity exists to forge a long-lasting legacy with one of the International 11m Community’s most renowned and long-lasting radio clubs…

Our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is seeking 2 new Headquarters (HQ) members with the following 2 job descriptions…

  1. To manage club’s affairs in Europe (EU); and
  2. To manage club affairs in North/South America (NA) (SA).

The successful applicant/s would work alongside myself in a collaborative partnership to…

  • Promote DA-RC Membership from suitably qualified radio comms hobbyists in firm accordance with our membership categories;
  • Inspire fellow members to get involved in DA-RC Projects (e.g. Annual club events, DXpeditions, the DA-RC Facebook group, etc.)
  • Provide support, advice, ideas and camaraderie to other DA-RC members and members of the HQ team..

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Essentially, any potential HQ member would need to embrace our Club’s original core values and be committed to upholding the traditions and decade long club culture shaped by long term Dx Adventurers.

All applications for HQ will be put before a panel of long term DA-RC members to decide on suitability.

### Please note that there’s no expectation of financial contribution involved in any DA-RC HQ Position ###


To apply, please contact DA-RC Founder and current HQ Member 43DA001 Darren by email at darren43da001@yahoo.com .


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