*NEW IN 2021* 11m Oceania Contest

Mark this radio sports event on your calendar… 

The Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) will administer the ‘11m Oceania Contest’ which will key up over 3 days in January, 2021.


In 2021, the Oceania Contest will retain a similar format designed by previous organiser 11m DX Activities Oz which sees Oceania DXCC/Divisions as the most hotly sought after of contacts on 26-27 MHz frequencies.

Improving band conditions with the onset of Cycle 25, the likelihood of rare DXpedition activity in the OC region, and a mix of experienced and new hobbyists keen to test their skills on a global stage, will ensure the event recaptures its status as one of the most popular 11m events of our generation.

In addition to a host of other prizes, in 2021, OC Hunters will vie for the Tony Shield. 

This is named after former Delta-Alfa member Tony (99DA016) who sadly passed away in 2011, a short time after returning from Rotuma Island where he was active as 325DA0.

It’s hoped this award will, in some small way, help preserve Tony’s memory and the wonderful legacy he left in the ham and 11m radio communities respectively.


The Oceania Contest was originally created and administered by popular online DX Magazine 11m DX Activities Oz in the early 2000’s.

From its naissance in 2007, and for the following 5 years, it was arguably the best-supported event on the 11m dx calendar.

Not only was the 2-part, 6 day event, endorsed by all of the major DX Groups of the time, but also by a large number of prominent international retailers who donated wonderful prizes.

History says the Oceania DX precinct came alive on the 11m band for this very special event. 

A large number of Oceania’s 57 DXCC — including Tonga, Solomon Islands, Micronesia, Banaba, Fiji, Rotuma, Kiribati, Hawaii and many more — made special appearances on the band and these created a swarm of global interest across the 11m DX Community.

Not only did the OC Contest attract rare Oceanic DX but it also attracted outstanding OC DX Hunters.  

From the Alfa Tango group, 172AT101 Philippe in New Caledonia dominated the event from 2007 to 2009.

Veteran DX Hunter 43DA021 Brian in South Australia then took over that mantle, snatching victory in consecutive years, narrowly pipping a host of leading DX Hunters in major DX markets, New Zealand and Australia.

Despite the incredible success, the demise of independent organiser 11m DX Activities Oz in 2012, however, saw the Oceania Contest disappear from the 11m DX Calendar.

That is until now!


  • 172AT101 — 2007
  • 172AT101 — 2008
  • 172AT101 — 2009
  • 43DA021 Brian — 2010
  • 43DA021 Brian — 2011

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