*DX RESOURCE* Logger32 Logging Program for 11m

153DA012 Andre from the Kingdom of Thailand has provided the following information about Logger32 on the DA-RC Mailing List, a logging program for citizens band and eleven meter operators which is growing in popularity…

Logger32 for 11M is 100% compatible with 11 meter International Cluster (http://www.11mcluster.net).

Logger32 is freeware developed by Bob K4CY.  This program is very easy to use but very complete.

Logger32 is the software of computerized logbook most currently used within the amateur radio community.

The Logger Team has modified the software to use it only for the 11M band.

Changed files will be:

  • DXCC
  • IOTA

For more information, join with the special Logger32 mailing list and also visit the website at http://logger32.free.fr.

Thanks to 153DA012 Andre for passing on this information to his fellow members and others in the 11m DX Community.