IOTA Challenge – Countdown

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For serious island enthusiasts, the 2013 DA-RC IOTA Challenge – which commenced on 1 January at 00:00 UTC and concludes on 31 December 2013 at 23:59 UTC – represents the ultimate DX litmus test.  It’s not too late either to get involved!

Past winners such as 3DA012 Roger and 14DA028 Phil will concur that the event is indeed a challenge of the highest order, one where the DA-RC’s most skilled island hunters are revealed; guys who best understand the intricacies of island DX and when and which frequencies to find it on.  Judging buy some of the splendid Island DX work in recent times too, this year’s Challenge will be one of the closest yet!

The basic objective in the Challenge is to work as many IOTA and N/V IOTA islands as possible in the year.  Each island you work has a points’ value which is determined by your TX/RX QTH.  At the end of the Challenge, your points are then multiplied by the number of islands worked to give a final score.

Importantly, a few changes have been made to the rules this year – most notably being the removal of a QSL requirement and a focus instead by the Project Manager on cross checking logs to determine results.  Another is a slight adjustment of the points system to better reflect the challenge of working islands in different regions of the world.

What hasn’t changed is the quality of prizes up for grabs!  In addition to the prestigious title of 2013 IOTA Challenge champion, the prizes for the top 3 placegetters are fantastic.  Radio Society of Great Britain IOTA Directories, DA-RC Ham Log Books, full colour certificates and more are yours for the taking.

IC Log Sheet (Front)

Full details of the 2013 DA-RC IOTA Challenge, including rules, log deadlines and scoring systems can be found by clicking on the relevant links in the right hand side menu.

Alternatively, you can also contact the Project Manager whom is 43DA001 Darren, with your questions.

If you need a log sheet to fill out your IOTA contacts then a personalized one can be emailed to you!

Good luck and thanks for your participation!