*IBO Feature* Island Logs Online

Islands Base OnlineFor the genuine 11m IOTA Hunter, website ‘Islands Base Online (IBO)’ is much more than just a comprehensive database of AS, OC, EU, NA, AF, SA and AN islands; much more than just a search engine of the world’s islands, their distinctive references,  or archive of Inland Water Islands (IWI)…

20160729_115228Another of the site’s very nifty features is the LOG ONLINE section — a terrific resource utilized by a number of DA-RC members such as 14DA016 Rodolphe, 3DA012 Roger, 14DA050 Bruno, 14DA049 Fred and 14DA911 Eric with BIG island numbers.  Here, registered Users can upload their contacts with island stations — callsigns, island names, dates, times, frequencies, etc.

What’s more, a handy thing is that logs can be updated or deleted at any time.

DL5CWNot only is this exciting feature an attractive convenience for individual Island Hunters who use 11m as the platform for their DX work, it also allows DX Adventurers to see which islands have been active on the band in the past, who worked them and when.

3Instructions for using the system are clear and can be obtained after clicking on the LOGS ONLINE tab in the left hand side menu.

Visitors must first register for an account, then login, search for the desired island and insert the date and station and press the confirm button.

To commence your own Islands Log, visit the Islands Base Online website at http://islands.uznam.net .

Islands Base Online