*FIELD DAY NEWS* 43DA/FD-078, Ballina Head, Active Soon

Attention serious DX Hunters!

Decade long DA-RC Member and experienced dx adventurist 43DA162 Brett (Pictured right) will be QRV from Ballina Headland for the upcoming 11m & PMR Field Day on September 19-20, 2020.

The callsign allocated by Field Day organisers is 43DA/FD-078 with the suffix FD-078 representing the numerical order of Brett’s registration.

According to the atlas, Ballina Headland is located in the township of Ballina, a former prawn fishing village more recently known for its spate of shark attacks, in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales.

This magnificent grassy headland, with a sheer drop to sandy beaches below, overlooks the Pacific Ocean, with excellent yagi take offs to Pacific island DXCC and the Americas.

Atop the headland, at the northern side of the entrance to the Richmond River, is the magnificent Ballina Lighthouse (Also known as the Richmond River Lighthouse), the site of previous Lighthouse On The Air (LOTA) work undertaken by Brett at the peak of Cycle 24.

Built in 1866 and referenced by the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society as AUS-142, this gorgeous 7.6m high, blue and white, cylindrical maritime beacon is one of the oldest lighthouses in NSW.

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