*DX NEWS* 43DA124 John Improves Erection

Foundation DA-RC member 43DA124 John in the northern New South Wales town of Ballina on Australia’s eastern coast is looking forward to adding some more height to his antenna array this weekend!

One of 43 division’s best-known and longest serving citizens band (CB) radio operators in the last 30 years, 43DA124 John has been patiently waiting for the rain to stop in his coastal town so he can push the telescopic mast upwards and beyond the 10m mark.

John also has plans to add some new lengths of RG-58 coaxial cable to his 3 element long boom yagi and Antron 99 vertical antennas, replacing the old feedline which has served him well for the past decade.

Busy studying for his ham license upgrade in modern times, John recently purchased the IC-735 (Pictured below) and IC-2710h 2m/70cm ICOM transceivers with the second one modified for UHF. 

He also maintains a collection of old cb radios which include a Stalker 9, AX-144 and TX-4200.

“I’m looking forward to spending some more time on the HF bands in the coming months,” says John, a licensed emergency radio operator and scanner enthusiast.

“And catching up with some of the guys from the club!”