*NEW* ‘Delta-Alfa 11m News’


Non-members of the of the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) have reason to celebrate with the creation of a new public Facebook group dedicated to our club’s work on the Eleven Meter band.

Titled ‘Delta-Alfa 11m News’, this social media group is for supporters of our club — of our current, previous and future dxpedition work, our members, our QSL cards, our contests, projects and much more!

Once invited or accepted into the FB group via an member of the Admin Team, members and non-members of the DA-RC are able to post information, images and video with the only rule being that it relates to the DA-RC in some way.

facebook-logo‘Delta-Alfa 11m News’ will function hand in hand with our club’s website, to help spread the excitement of dx adventure undertaken by our committed and professional collection of members.

Please check out the popular new ‘Delta-Alfa 11m News’ Facebook group by clicking HERE.