DA-RC Faces Dominate Hunters in WIC


imageThe ‘Hunter’ results of the World Island Challenge (WIC) which occurred in October last year have been announced and the news is enormous for Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) members!

An astonishing 3 Delta-Alfa callsigns featured in the top 5 placegetters, confirming the DA-RC’s reputation as home to the 11m DX Community’s most dedicated Island Hunters!

1496685425First off, DA-RC DXCC Coordinator and potent DX Hunter 14DA021 Eric (Pictured left) pulled off the remarkable feat of taking out the WIC Hunter crown with an amazing 608 points, finishing ahead of 200+ Island Hunters!

From his home in Nord Pas de Calais (Department 62) on the tranquil shores of the English Channel and North Sea, Eric worked a staggering 16 of the 17 islands active in the popular Islands event.

An incredible 94% strike rate sees him stand at the very top of the DX podium in what’s regarded by his fellow DA-RCies as a wonderful achievement indeed!

3239438873_1_3_rhaTGOdmPicture2Sharing fifth position in the 2017 WIC’s Hunter’s category were big gun DX Hunters 14DA049 Fred (Pictured right) and 14DA024 Christophe (Pictured left) respectively.

Two of the most dedicated chasers of DX in any era, Fred and Chris nailed 12 of the participating 17 island stations with an impressive 71% strike rate, to end up with 336 points.

imageOn behalf of the DA-RC HQ, congratulations to all operators who participated in this wonderful event, but especially to Eric, Christophe and Fred on carrying the DA-RC flag in the DX Hunter category with such distinction.