*D.I.E. TOUR* Canary Islands DXpedition

IOTA_DARC_logo_official_transparentAttention serious 11m Island Hunters!

In late October 2017, experienced DA-RC dxpeditioner 34DA010 Angel will embark on an exciting dx adventure encompassing 2 Diploma Islas Españolas (D.I.E.) referenced islands off the coast of the much larger Gran Canaria island (S-005).

Astoundingly, 1 of these 34 division islands has never before been active on 11m and so represents a “NEW ONE” for those lucky enough to be logged from this rugged, pint-sized dxstination.

Flag of Gran Canaria

logo_dieLocated in the Las Palmas province in the Atlantic Ocean, both D.I.E. referenced islands are volcanic in composition with resident seabirds and marine life the only inhabitants.

Travel to the islands will be by boat across a narrow stretch of water which can be extremely rough in harsh WX.

34DA010 Angel will be joined on these exciting dx adventures by his grandson Jared as a second operator.

For all the details, including island names, starting times, QSLM coordinations, working conditions and more, please click HERE.