2018 World Islands Contest (WIC)

The 2018 World Islands Contest (WIC) is spread over 4 weeks to ensure the best possible chance of propagation for islands dx enthusiasts in both hemispheres.

It promises to be the biggest and most exciting experience for IOTA buffs on the world 11m calendar, regardless of their location or whichever club they are associated with.

With IOTA activities from a number of clubs, including our own, and independent operators set to take place in continents in both hemispheres, this independent project, managed by our very own 14DA028 Phil, can be described as an Islands DX-travaganza of the greatest kind.

Not just for IOTA Hunters chasing new islands and new IOTA or DIFM references either — but for serious IOTA DXpeditioners also!

In addition to providing an excellent forum for serious IOTA DXpeditioners, as well as Island Hunters, the World Islands Contest (WIC) also encourages the participation of operators who already live on an island.

This Home IOTA category is just another terrific way of promoting the islands DX concept on 11m.

To register your involvement in the WIC as an Island DXpedition station, click HERE.

Please see the rules below…


  • October 13 until November 11, 2018


  • DA-RC and non-DA-RC Members

Type of Islands Valid:

  • All islands (IOTA, IWI or others)


  • 26—27 MHz (Please operate with your country’s legal frequency allocation)


  • All modes are valid


Island Chasers:

  • Island with resident station = 1 point per QSO + 10%
  • Island Portable Station = 1 point + 20%
  • Island New One = 1 point + 30%

#  The final rankings will be judged upon the logs of the Teams.

#  In case of a tie, the ranking will be based on the time of entry in the log.

Island DXpeditioners:

  • 1 contact = 1 point
  • Operators may activate as many islands as they wish but should only count the top 5 activities (log numbers)
  • Points will be added to decide a final rank
  • Duplicate contacts are not valid


  • Calls in logs must be written only in this form:  99WYZ999 .
  • Please use the excel format.
  • The logs of the Teams are to be sent to the contest manager at the latest on 9/12/2018
  • Logs not received by this date will be not recorded.


  • 2—3 pictures of your station or GPS point on the Facebook page of the group is required


  • Only the Team or DX Group are responsible for their activations.
  • The Contest Manager (See below) is not the QSL Manager


  • 14DA028 Phil (See pictured right)
  • Email: phil028@sfr.fr