Contest Rules


  • To rejoice the special occasion that is ‘Halloween’
  • To spread camaraderie amongst the 11m dx community


  • From 00.00 UTC on October 10 until 24.00 UTC on November 10


  • 26.200 MHz – 27.655 MHz  (Note: Contesters are advised to adhere to their local laws regarding legal frequency use.  The wide frequency allocation is to ensure contesters around the world can participate freely without fear of reprisal).
  • All modes are valid


There are 2 categories —

  1.  Halloween Stations (DA-RC Members only)
  2.  Halloween Hunters (DA-RC & Non-DA-RC members)


Halloween Stations:
  • Each contact made is worth 1 point
  • No duplicate contacts allowed (i.e. A station cannot be logged more than ONE time over the duration of the challenge)
  • Contacts with stations in your own DXCC are valid
  • Contacts with Halloween stations are worth 5 points
Halloween Hunters:
  • Contacts with Halloween Stations are worth 1 point (in or outside your own DXCC)
  • Only one contact per Halloween Station is valid over the duration of the challenge


  • Standard log sheets must be used which contain the following QSO details (Date of QSO, time in UTC, callsign, frequency, mode).
  • Logs must be received by the Challenge Manager (Syl 104 DA 102) by 31/12/ 2017.


  • The FIRST operator in both categories, Halloween Station and Hunters will win a trophy.
  • Every participant in both categories will receive a full coloured E certificate.


  • For anyone wishing to confirm a contact made with a Halloween Station, an EQSL CARD is available via the activant.


  • 14DA021 Eric
  • 104DA102 Syl