Please see below the list of activants in the 2017 ‘Halloween Spirit’.

To join in as a DA-RC member and become one of the special event stations (SES) hunted by mortals in the 11m DX Community over the Halloween festive period is easy.  Just follow this procedure…


 halloween1.  Contact the Contest Manager 104DA102 Syl to register your involvement.

 2.  Make some contacts (big or small numbers) in adherence with the RULES over the 1 month contest period.

 3.  Send your log in to the Contest Manager.  

4. Receive your special E-certificate via email to print for your shack wall and maybe even a trophy.


Participating Stations

  • 3DA/BONES by 3DA012 Roger
  • 13DA/MAGIC by 13DA017 Carsten
  • 13DA/WITCH by 13DA121 Ralf
  • 14DA/BAT by 14DA017 Laurent
  • 14DA/DEMON by 14DA068 Willy
  • 14DA/GHOST by 14DA014 Phil
  • 14DA/MONSTER by 14DA024 Chris
  • 14DA/SPIDER by 14DA021 Eric
  • 30DA/DEVIL by 30DA012 Ruben
  • 43DA/SKELETON by 43DA162 Brett
  • 43DA/GHOUL by 43DA001 Darren
  • 45DA/BLOOD by 45DA101 Dejan
  • 68DA/ZOMBIE by 68DA021 John
  • 104DA/PUMPKIN by 104DA101 Roy
  • 104DA/SPIRIT by 104DA102 Syl
  • 153DA/BROOM by 153DA012 Andre
  • 164DA/COBWEB by 164DA101 Herve