2017 Delta-Alfa Portable (DAP) – Finished

Picture3 (2)ARE YOU READY?  The 2017 Delta-Alfa Portable contest (affectionately nicknamed “The DAP”) is an exciting ‘Radio Sports’ initiative organised by our own Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) for CBers and Freebanders.

Now in its second year, this momentous occasion, combining chasing DX with one of the most traditional forms of DX operations (i.e. portable operations) is one of the most enjoyable and most popular on the International 27 MHz Calendar.

In this competitive DA-RC DX-treme event, individual operators must take to the field as a ‘Portable Station’ — working from a car, a boat, a tent, a caravan, a tractor, a truck, etc. with the ultimate aim being to make as many contacts possible over three weekends on 26—27 MHz frequencies.

To ensure success, operators competing in the ‘Portable Station’ class will need to find a great location (e.g. a hilltop, sea shore, mountain summit, etc.) and, most probably, camp out overnight in the field to ensure they’re active for the full duration of the event.

Having said that, if you can provide even just a few hours of portable operations then that’s fine too!

For DX Hunters, on this thrilling weekend, registered ‘Portable Stations’ become the most lucrative contacts on the band with each unique DXCC worked representing a multiplier for participating contest stations.

Please read the information below very carefully to ensure your DAP contest station complies with our event’s rules and regulations and/or that any portable station you log qualifies towards your points score.


imageDAP AIM:

The aim of the DAP is to:

  • Endorse portable work as an exciting and viable medium for chasing DX
  • Experiment with lightweight, easily transportable equipment and antennas; and
  • Promote camaraderie amongst DA-RC members and the 27 MHz community in general


  • Weekend 1: From 00.00 UTC on June 24 until 24.00 UTC on Sunday June 25
  • Weekend 2: From 00.00 UTC on July 1 until 24.00 UTC on Sunday July 2
  • Weekend 3: From 00.00 UTC on July 8 until 24.00 UTC on Sunday July 9


ham-radio-ant-6-131.  Portable Station

  • Individual only (i.e. 1 x team member)
  • Such stations must be located in places that are not regular station locations. The use of a car, truck, boat, caravan, etc. is permitted.
  • Such stations must not use facilities installed for permanent station use, or use any structure installed permanently for Field Day type work.
  • All equipment (including antennas) must lie within a circle whose diameter does not exceed 300m.
  • A generator or car battery are the only permitted sources of power for a Portable Station in this event.
  • Must provide proofs regarding their location/equipment (i.e. GPS/photos/videos)

2.  Portable Hunter

  • There are no limitations on station location for this category.
  • Any station can be classified as a ‘Hunter’ (Home base, mobile/portable, etc.) including those working as registered Portable stations in the event



  • All DXers are invited to participate in this radio sports event, regardless of DX group affiliation or DXCC location.


  • 26.000 MHz – 27.655 MHz  (Note: Contesters are advised to adhere to their local laws regarding legal frequency use.  The wide frequency allocation is to ensure contesters around the world can participate freely without fear of reprisal).
  • All modes are valid


  • DAP stations must add the special prefix /DAP to their callsign to signify their involvement in the event.


contestPortable Stations —

  • Each contact made is worth 1 point
  • Contacts with stations in your own DXCC are valid
  • Contacts with registered portable stations in other DXCC are worth 5 points
  • Each unique DXCC worked is worth 1 multiplier

Portable Hunters —

  • Contacts with Portable stations are worth 1 point (in or outside your own DXCC)
  • Contacts with non-portable stations are worth 0 points
  • Only one contact per portable station is valid over the 2 weekends
  • The total is multiplied by the number of worked DXCC to give a final points score.


  • Standard log sheets must be used which contain the following QSO details (Date of QSO, time in UTC, callsign, frequency, mode, progressive numbers RX and TX).
  • Logs must be received by the Contest Manager by 31/08/ 2017.


  • Single operator Only


  • Results and scores will be published on the DA-RC website and also on those of our official partners.


  • The first 3 operators in both categories will win prizes
  • Sponsors and prizes will be announced in the lead up to the contest


  • Syl 104DA102, email address: 104corsica@gmail.com
  • Darren 43DA001, email address: darren43da001yahoo.com

customLogoQSL MANAGER:

  • Participants must use their own QSL Manager for this event if a QSL card is so desired