LOG *Updated 13.01.2020*

Please check out below the updated list of stations worked for 99DA/OC-016 Bekana Island (ATNO), plus other important information regarding ‘dupes’, ‘busted’ callsigns and contacting members of the dx adventure team.

The complete log (i.e. frequencies, dates, times, modes, etc,) will be uploaded to the ‘Sponsors Only Facebook page’ upon request at the conclusion of the dxpedition.


  • 43MT001
  • 43DA648 Ray
  • 43SD011 Jordan
  • 43UNIT39 Bob
  • 43WR445 Sharkie
  • 43UNIT373 Wayne
  • 201JY63 Jean Yves
  • 201AT102 Camille
  • 172NC059 Yves
  • 43AT101 Steve
  • 172SD104 Freddy
  • 172AT101 Philippe
  • 201RC001 Chris
  • 266ET107 Te’Ariki
  • 43WR447
  • 172SD031 Patrice
  • 172RF101 Christian
  • 91AT110 Ferdy
  • 41AT101 Brian
  • 41AT135 John
  • 43SD127 Michael
  • 41PM606 Lance
  • 43WR044 Mike
  • 43UNIT355 Alf
  • 41PM1931 Byron
  • 41SD101 Rene
  • 153IR101 Jan
  • 43UNIT086
  • 172SD106 Gill
  • 91AT234 Sam
  • 43WR071
  • 22RC102 Said
  • 172NC051/P
  • 43AX200 Ivan
  • 172SD091 Christian
  • 172SD104/M Freddy
  • 43UNIT424
  • 43DT742 Damien
  • 43WR1666 Peter
  • 43QA447 Laurie
  • 43WR039 Bob
  • 91RC042
  • 43WR373 Wayne
  • 172CI172


In the case of a suspected ‘busted callsign’ please refer to this page where log updates will be posted every couple of days.

If your callsign has been logged/shown incorrectly in the list above then please email the QSL Manager with your inquiry at darren43da001@yahoo.com.

If you can prove that your callsign should feature in the log or should be changed then of course we’re happy to adjust any log accordingly.

Video recordings, testimonials, QSO details (i.e. frequencies, times, dates, etc.) are always helpful.


It’s okay to call the station with the same or with multiple callsigns (i.e. different club callsigns), provided it’s done on different days or during lay periods (i.e. quiet activity).

Please note that if you wish to confirm multiple callsigns, however, then you MUST send 1 x contribution per callsign.

If additional contribution is not included then only 1 callsign will be confirmed.