101DA/IOTA Sponsors


radio21For the 100DA/IOTA Tour please see below the list of Sponsors, as well as the list of associated benefits available as a ‘BIG THANKS’ from the team. 

paypal-logoTo become a valued ‘Sponsor’ of this activity is easy… 

Simply make a donation of $15 Euro or more via Paypal to darren43da001@yahoo.com and you will be added to the list below.  

1111112222Please include your radio name, callsign, QSL coordinates and preferred email address.

Straight away you’ll be added to the Private FaceBook group (See right) where you’ll be able to download a copy of the special IOTA Tour ‘Logistics Program’. 

You’ll also be emailed a beautiful certificate for the shack wall to say thanks for the support.

[ See last year’s certificate below ]

On behalf of the DXpedition Team, thank you very much for your generous support!


Sponsors List

1. images (3) 21DA012 Chris

2.  26SD117 Geoff

3.  26DA2121 Adrian

4.  26AT103 Sean

5.  13AT013 Sven

6.  155DA092 Willis

7.  47DX054 Leif

8.  109AT077 Simon

9.  43DA050 Geoff

10.  31AT183 Nuno

11.  14DA027 Jean-Marc

12.  43DA225 Frank

13.  43DA007 Mike

14.  104DA101 Roy

15.  104DA102 Syl

16.  14AT119 Guy

17.  30VR101 Joan

18.  14DA021 Eric

19.  2DA357 Dave

20.  47DK137 Karsten

21.  3DA012 Roger

22.  1ST001 Massimo

23.  14DA049 Fred

24.  14AT728 Daniel

25.  43DA112 Leonie

26.  41IR101 Giovanni

27.  43DA001 Darren

28.  14FDX106 Jean-Paul

29. 14AT038 Bruno

30. 13IR100 Stefan

31.  Your name & QRZ?


065For all sponsors €15 EURO or more, the following benefits are available…

  • A full colour ‘Certificate of Appreciation’ emailed as a PDF
  • An invitation to the private IOTA Tour Facebook Group where proofs, news & log updates will be shared
  • A copy of the ‘Logistics Program’ which details all aspects of the activity (DXstinations, dates, itinerary, propagation predictions, accommodation, etc.)
  • A sked opportunity (special time, freq, split freq, etc.)
  • Your Name & QRZ displayed on the special QSL card
  • http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-image-thank-you-multilingual-blue-word-cloud-different-languages-background-image36144606Access to the Team via email & personal message
  • A direct postcard from the DXCC to your PO Box (with or without QSO details)
  • Personal satisfaction knowing you’ve contributed to an exciting DX opportunity for the benefit of the 11m DX Community in general