*ACTIVE NOW* Chalonnes Island


Attention serious 11m Island Hunters!

chalonnes-sur-loire-16960-3_w500Legendary DX Hunter, now turned determined DA-RC dxpeditioner, 14DA049 Fred will be QRV from the diminutive French river island of Chalonnes on Sunday, June 3, 2018.

Situated within the tranquil waters of the winding Loire River in the Maine-et-Loire department of western France, this thrilling inland water island activity not only counts for points in the Islands Festival but also for our great club’s ‘Achievement Program’ in the IWI Hunter section.

[See http://www.delta-alfa.com/projects/awards/ ]

PalmsThis rousing 11m dx adventure will be valid for the 2018 Islands Festival, along with several other island activities conducted by DA-RC members over the Festival weekend.

For all the info on 14DA049 Fred’s activity, please click HERE!