DXing Protocol

Radio Frequency Operations

  • DA-RC members operate on all bands, including 27 MHz citizens band

[Disclaimer: All DA-RC members are advised to operate within the laws and regulations of their country.  The Headquarters team does not encourage, nor will it be held accountable for, members who do not abide by their country’s laws and regulations].

DXpedition Operations

  • All activations conducted by DA-RC members (including Clubstation, FD, MM, IOTA, LOTA, COTA, SWOTA, MOTA, SOTA and SES) must first be authorised by the World HQ Team.  A DXpedition information form, which addresses everything from ham friendly accommodation to log targets, facilitates this process and enables any proposed event to be better supported by the World HQ Team in in the areas of promotions and marketing.
  • Logs must first be sighted by the World HQ Team before being advertised on any forum.  This includes showing logs on mailing lists or on personal websites.  Any activity which does not adhere to this guideline risks not being validated by the World HQ Team.  Regular log updates should should also be sent to the QSL Manager where possible.
  • All proofs (e.g. Photocopies of visas, passports, air plane tickets, boarding passes, videos, photographs etc.) must be sent to the World HQ Team via the QSL Manager no later than 2 months after the DXpedition or DX activity has concluded.  Notification of validation is then sent by the World HQ Team to the QSL Manager who will notify either the DXpedition Team or operator of the outcome.
  • All DA-RC activations use the QSL Managerial service provided by our respective managers, depending on the continent involved.  (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/da-rc-projects/qsl-managers/ )
  • All special QSL cards must be approved by the World HQ Team.  Details of QSL card requirements are made available on application.
  • DA-RC members should never use an online cluster, chat board or other web forums to confirm a progressive number or that a radio contact has taken place.

Courtesy/Radio Etiquette

  • DA-RC members are expected to act with gentleman like courtesy on air and to observe the highest standards of radio etiquette at all times.  Similar code of conduct principles apply to the use of hobby websites, forums, mailing lists and emails.
  • Disputes and/or grievances against members from within or outside DA-RC ranks will be handled with both discretion and common sense to achieve a win/win outcome for all parties involved.
  • Showing courtesy also extends to DXpedition operations which may require CQ calls typically greater in number than normal operations.
  • Members who work activations carried out by fellow members are expected to send for the QSL card as a show of support.
  • DA-RC members are expected to follow the universally accepted protocols of providing standard contribution (1-2 x US$1 or 1 x IRC)  and a SAE or address label when sending QSL packages to QSL Managers or operators from rare or semi-rare DXCC.
  • On the citizens band, no QSOs are permitted on any one of the 26-27 MHz call frequencies as a courtesy to other users of the frequency

Contest Operation

  • Requirements of common sense, courtesy and radio ettiquette apply to all contesting operations carried out by DA-RC members.
  • On the citizens band, any “CQ Contest” call on any call frequency must contain a QSL frequency.
  • On the citizens band, contest calls on the call frequency should be spaced appropriately to enable the frequency to be used by other radio operators and non-contesters.  Calling “CQ Contest” every 30 seconds on the call frequency with no QSY frequency given, for example, is not what the Club would describe as courteous behaviour.

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