Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1.  What is DA-RC Headquarters?

Answer: DA-RC Headquarters is a collaborative decision making team which administers the ‘Dx Adventure Radio Club’.

It comprises 4 members based in 3 different continents (Europe, Australia and South America) who represent members and prospective members in all regions of the world and from all walks of hobby life.

2.  Do I need to operate on 27 MHz frequencies to enjoy membership with the DA-RC?

Answer:  No.  While a large number of DA-RC’s hams enjoy occasional ops on 11m, a band notorious for its unique DX opportunities, many choose to operate on authorized bands only.  Some bands may also not be available or may have restrictions on usage in certain countries or regions.  So, in short, you do not need to be an 11m or CB op to be accepted into the DA-RC.

3.  Can I be a member of another radio club and still be a member of the DA-RC?

Answer: Yes, of course. DA-RC members are encouraged to support other organisations and most DA-RCies combine their membership with involvement in another CB, 11m or Ham radio club or organisation.

When operating on 11m frequencies or using 11m band resources and forums, however, it is a requirement that the Delta-Alfa callsign be predominantly used.

4.  Does DA-RC operate for profit?

Answer:  No.  DA-RC HQ is strictly a not-for-profit administration run by volunteer hobbyists.  The expense of running a worldwide radio club is profound, however, DA-RC functions by passing on ‘cost limits’ only to members and subsidizing any shortfalls with internal donations.

5.  Does DA-RC support Special Event and/or Commemorative Stations?

Answer: Yes.  DA-RC supports Special Event Stations (SES) on all bands which celebrate momentous cultural experiences, as well as Commemorative Stations which mark a unique moment in history or acknowledge the outstanding efforts of one or more individuals.  Contribution + SAE towards an exchange of QSL card for SES or Commemorative activity is always voluntary, though appreciated.

6.  Does DA-RC approve e-QSL?

Answer: Yes.  The exchange of e-QSL is often necessary to confirm contacts made during contest events.  DA-RC HQ can provide members with a small range of high quality e-QSL designs free of charge or members are free to design their own.

7.  Why are ops who TX from ‘rare’ or ‘most wanted’ dxstinations on CB sponsored by DA-RC HQ by way of free membership and QSL Managerialship services?

Answer: DA-RC plays a leadership role in encouraging DX and/or upgrade to ham license from such locations for the benefit of the radio community in general.  We feel that our support systems and resources can have a positive impact  in this area and are happy to fund these services on behalf of our members.

8.  Can a member of DA-RC participate as a team member in another group’s DXpedition team?

Answer:  Of course.  DA-RC Headquarters acknowledges the right of members to support friends and participate in a DXpedition team lead by another group.

9.  Can a non-DA-RC member participate as a team member in a DA-RC DXpedition?

Answer: Yes, of course.  In keeping with our Core Values, it is okay for a non-member to support friends during a DA-RC DXpedition and use the special Delta-Alfa callsign.  This may also count towards DA-RC membership for that team member in the future under the ‘DXpedition’ classification.

10.  What is DA-RC’s policy regarding issuing ‘0′ unit numbers for callsigns on CB/11m?

Answer: DA-RC recognises the admirable contributions and achievements of members in their respective community (Ham, Citizens Band or SWL).  It is DA-RC policy, therefore, to issue a ‘0′ unit number if one has been achieved in one’s previous group, as a mark of respect for the member in question.

11.  Does DA-RC allow members to use individual QSL cards?

Answer: Yes, of course.  Provided they meet DA-RC standards and contain the correct DA-RC logo, members may print and design their own QSL confirmation cards. DXCC QSL cards are available through DA-RC Headquarters.

12.  Does DA-RC have any connection with the Dallas Amateur Radio Club (DARC)?

Answer: No.  The hyphenated DA-RC acronym represents the Dx Adventure Radio Club and has no affiliation with the above-mentioned ham organisation.

13.  What was the inspiration for the DA-RC logo and who designed it?

Answer: Strong and corporate looking, the DA-RC logo was designed by an Australian based company named eMedia Worx and represents the Dx Adventure aspect of our worldwide radio club.  Predominantly dark blue (sea, sky), the logo also incorporates yellow text (sun, new life) and a light green image (coconut palm, island).

According to the principles of Feng Shui, blue has Yin energy and is calm and soothing.  Since it is the colour of the sea and sky, Feng Shui associates it with adventure and exploration which, of course, are relevant themes for the Club.  Yellow, on the other hand, has Yang energy and Feng Shui deems this colour as providing the enthusiasm or positive energy required to do something out of the ordinary.

14.  How can I make a donation to DA-RC and for what purpose will the monies be used?

Answer: All monetary donations go towards funding various elements of DXpedition work conducted by DA-RC members (QSL cards, accommodation, travel, emissions offset, etc.).  You can make a donation by clicking on the PayPal icon on the homepage.