What is The DA-RC?

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Founded on 1 July 2008, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is a radio club for Ham, 11m, Citizens Band (CB) and Short Wave Listening (SWL) enthusiasts.

Although not the expectation, most members are hams whom also enjoy operations on 11m or citizens band frequencies, or, aspiring hams whom are hoping to learn the hobby of radio communications in more depth and achieve their ham radio license.

As hams, DA-RC members are busy in the field of Islands On The Air (IOTA) and are popular members of DXpedition teams around the world.  DA-RC Hams are easily identifiable also by their special QSL cards which contain the club’s logo and banner.

On the 11m or citizens band frequencies, DA-RC members are easily recognizable by their ‘Delta-Alfa’ callsign and individual unit number.  Users of this band maintain that 11m is one of the true great DX bands, one which provides opportunities to work friends and rare DX not always possible on other bands.

Short Wave Listeners (SWL) associated with the DA-RC are also issued with special callsigns which comprise the prefix DA-SW followed by a unique unit number (e.g. DA-SW01). Members are also easily recognizable in the SWL community by the their special DA-RC QSL cards.

DA-RC aspires to make valuable contributions to the immediate and enduring health of the radio communications hobby in general by…

1. Promoting and supporting DXpedition activities

DA-RC endeavors to promote and support DXpedition activities on all bands conducted by members through multi-faceted sponsorship efforts from its members, including the DA-RC Headquarter Team.  This sponsorship can take many forms, some of which include:

  • Providing financial assistance-contributing to costs of travel, accommodation, permits, visas, passports, QSL cards etc. to lessen the financial impact on the DXpedition team or operator
  • Loaning appropriate radio communications gear (e.g. amplifier, transceiver, antenna, accessories, etc.)
  • Creating a special webpage to advertise the activity
  • Providing human support-QSL Managerialship duties, correspondence to authorities, preparation and packing of equipment for DXpedition travel, assistance with transport to and from departure lounges, putting together an itinerary, advertising and marketing the event etc.

2.  Inspiring friendship through co-operative DX adventure

DA-RC endeavors to inspire friendship and camaraderie by using its extensive network of members and resources to link like-minded individuals for the purpose of DXpedition adventure.  Such is the remarkable nature of DXpedition experience that it is not uncommon for friendships developed during these special hobby adventures to last a lifetime.

Forums located on the DA-RC webpage, as well as the club’s active mailing list, also provide a viable medium for inspiring positive, mutually benefiting relationships.

3.  Educating & encouraging radio communications hobbyists to strive for higher levels of competence

DA-RC endeavors to educate members on a ‘needs basis only’ by way of mentoring around those matters pertinent to the Club and its stated objectives.  Mentors involved with the Dx Adventure Radio Club are assigned to individual members where areas of need could include:

  • Study for ham license
  • All aspects of DXpedition preparation and planning
  • Product advice and information (pre and post purchase)
  • Technical support (antenna construction, transceiver repair/modifications, etc.)

DA-RC Mentors are suitably qualified persons who represent one or more of the 5 ‘Entry Classifications’ (DX Chaser, DX Leadership, DXpeditioner, Honorary and Short Wave Listener).  They consist of radio engineers, retail outlet owners, product representatives, licensed hams, experienced DXpedition adventurers, DX Hunters, and others who are committed to both improving members’ competencies and the betterment of radio communications in general.

For more information, see ‘Mentoring Program‘ under ‘DA-RC Projects’.

To download a copy of the membership form or to read frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the club and how we operate, please see the links in the right hand side menu.