*MEET* 79DA111 Manuel

The Republic of the Philippines (79 Division) is an archipelago DXCC in Southeast Asia, surrounded by waters of the western Pacific.

Consisting of about 7641 islands, its reputation as a breeding ground for outstanding 11m and ham operators is a strong one indeed.

On one of those volcanic IOTA addresses lives new Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 79DA111 Manuel (Pictured above) who joins us in January 2019.

79DA111 Manuel is a skilled HF radio technician; a man who repairs rigs sent to him from all over the Philippines.

He also enjoys experimentation with home brew antennas, cross band repeaters and more!

“I used to be an Instrumentation tech on industrial plants in the Middle East,” divulges Manuel. “Dubai, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia and others……but I decided to retire in 2015 and now tinker with HF radios instead…”

79DA111 Manuel is a licensed ham radio operator and, QRV mostly on 40m in nets, possesses the callsign ‘DV3FCK’.

Of course, these skills transfer perfectly to TX on Freeband frequencies too and it’s here where 79DA111 Manuel has established many long lasting friendships.

“In addition to being a keen DA-RC member,” explains Manuel, “I’m an affiliate of The Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA).  This is a national non-profit organization for hams concerning itself with operating awards, DX contests, a QSL bureau and more…”

Bounded by the South China Sea on the west, the Philippine Sea on the east and the Celebes Sea on the southwest, the Philippines shares maritime borders with Taiwan (155) to the north, Vietnam (242) to the west, Palau (137) to the east and Malaysia (113) and Indonesia (91) to the south.

79DA111 Manuel’s island is Luzon — an IOTA entity referenced by the Radio Society of Great Britain as OC-042, and the largest and most populous island in the DXCC.

Here he resides in Paombong, south-west of the province of Bulacan and roughly 47 kilometers from Metro Manila, the nation’s capital city.

Dubbed the “Vinegar Capital of the Philippines”, Paombong is famous for its vinegar extracted from the sap of sasa.  The term “Sukang Paombong” (Paombong vinegar) is well known in Luzon and other parts of the country.

Local legend has it that the name “Paombong” was taken from the long bamboo tube called “bumbong” or “tukil” which is used for collecting nipa sap.

The practice of extracting nipa sap with bumbongs made the town known as ‘the town with many bumbongs’.

The local people claimed that Spaniards who first visited the place were so amused with the bumbong that, after learning its name from the natives, they named the town after the container, a name which later evolved to Paombong.

A number of distinguishing landmarks here also are worthy of mention in 79DA111 Manuel’s ‘Meet the Members’ article…

Made of light materials, the St. James Apostle Church was originally built as visita of Malolos in 1580, then established as a parish in 1639.

At one time though, it suffered a massive fire causing it to lose its ancient architecture.  But it was later repaired.

The Ciudad Clementino Resort, with a great restaurant and Museum of Visual Arts, is situated here also.  It was the venue of Sa Sandaling Kailangan Mo Ako soap opera.

Furthermore, International media focuses every Good Friday on the Kapitangan Good Friday Crucifixion.  It’s known as a pilgrimage area, a spiritual healers’ haven and the venue for a reenactment of the ‘Passion of Christ’ is held by local devotees and penitents every year.

When he’s not slaving away in the shack over a faulty rig with a soldering iron in hand or chasing DX on any one of the world’s HF bands from a Kenwood TS-50 transceiver, 79DA111 Manuel enjoys cooking, cycling and classical music.

“One of my favorite dishes to cook is noodles with vegetables and pork,” reveals Manuel.  “It’s a local delicacy…”

Whether or not it’s a delicacy regularly enjoyed in the shack or a recipe worth sharing with fellow radio mates on a DXpedition, perhaps, it’s just one of many unique skills and attributes Manuel brings to his new club, the DA-RC.


Manuel Lagasca

Purok 6, Kapitangan,

Paombong, Bulacan

Philippines 3001