*MEET* 68DA749 Ralf


2015.06.02 Ballymena to Larne 019In Europe, 68DA749 Ralf connects with our Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in June 2018 via the DX Chaser category (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/ ).

A proficient and dedicated hobbyist located in one of Europe’s most active eleven-meter band hotspots in Northern Ireland, 68DA749 Ralf has been active on 27 MHz frequencies for more than a decade.

As a result of his high quality DX work, Ralf is well-known and respected amongst his fellow DX hobbyists across the entire continent.


107105391Previously identified on the band as 68DT749 (Delta Tango) or 68LV749 (Lima Victor), Ralf’s home QTH is the seaport city of Larne, on the east coast of County Antrim.

History says this is thought to have been one of the earliest inhabited areas of Ireland!

With his 3 element Sirio Yagi punching out mighty signals courtesy of its impressive 8.5dBd gain, Ralf is a regular in the logs of many of the world’s most prominent DXpeditions.

IMG_9554-e1523128862409-1024x768He’s intent on building his DXCC status to higher levels, too, as we move into Cycle 25.

At the time of membership with the DA-RC, 68DA749 Ralph’s station consisted of a Kenwood TS-590 rig and Sirio 827 + Sirio 3 element beam antennas. 

As you can see by the awesome pictures provided to us, this is certainly a very competitive station indeed!

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6bedcaf86cfe0869defa5d707d512280Evidence says that 68DA749 Ralf’s passion for outdoor dx adventure also extends into other areas…

He’s a keen trout fisherman, in fact, and fortunately Antrim is regarded as an angler’s paradise!

Purportedly, the most sought-after fish here is the ‘Dollaghan’ (Pictured right), a local variety of brown trout found mostly in lake Lough Neagh, the largest fresh water lake in the UK.

Apparently, keen anglers like Ralf love it because it’s larger than most other Irish trout and terrific eating.

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images (4)68DA749 Ralf is very active in radio comms and operates most days from his base or mobile station out and about in the Irish countryside.

You can catch him chasing DX on the international call frequency 27.555 MHz USB or working friends, including many other DA-RC members, in the Larne area.




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