*MEET* 68DA335 Rabs


11050229_717161415068544_8658358811191944881_nThe DA-RC family in Northern Ireland continues to swell with the exciting addition of admired DX Hunter 68DA335 Rabs to our Club’s membership ranks in the final days of 2017.

An experienced hobbyist, Rabs has been involved in radio comms for some 30 years.  Furthermore, he’s a former member of the Whiskey Whiskey (WW) radio club and is well-known in UK 11m DX circles.

_86482303_larnecrownA hotspot for 11m action in recent years, 68DA335 Rabs’ DXCC is located on the island of Ireland (EU-115) and is administratively part of the United Kingdom.

Northern Ireland (68 Division) is famous for its stunning landscapes, historical architecture and scenery.

68DA335 Rabs hails from the seaport and industrial market town of Larne on the east coast of County Antrim.


0dc8845ac0b1076342d1027fbd08ec10--northern-irish-northern-irelandMany of the local landmarks here provide enormous dx adventure possibilities for 68DA335 Rabs and some of the nearby DA-RC members…

Standing on the Curran Point facing Larne Lough, for example, the Olderfleet Castle provides a potential Castles On The Air (COTA) dx adventure opportunity.

According to the history books, this castle was built by a Scottish family called Bissett of Glenarm circa 1250.

Others say it was built by the Vikings some 300 years earlier.


ChaineOn the topic of Lighthouse On The Air (LOTA) work, a 23m high Annalong granite lighthouse called the ‘Chaine Memorial Light’ is situated on the west side of the entrance to Larne Lough.

Referenced as NTI-004 in accordance with the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society List of Lights, this is a cylindrical stone unpainted tower lighthouse with a conical roof and a range of 16 nautical miles. 

LogoARLHPictured above, this is purportedly a special memorial to James Chaine, a former Member of Parliament for Antrim, who died in 1885.

8317714055_275d1b3dc6_zThe Ferris Point (Lame) (Co. Antrim) Light (ARLHS NTI-006) is a second LOTA which exists in 68DA335 Rabs’ area and like the other DX entities mentioned previously, this is sure to be a hot topic of conversation for Rabs and his DA-RC mates in 68 Division.  


A number of possible Islands On The Air (IOTA) dx adventure options exist nearby also…

IOTA_DARC_logo_official_transparentThe most notable are the Copeland Islands in the Northern Irish Coastal Islands group which carry the reference EU-122 according to the Radio Society of Great Britain’s IOTA program.

This is a group of three islands in the north Irish Sea, north of Donaghadee, County Down, Northern Ireland consisting of Lighthouse, Mew and Copeland islands — barely activated on 11m or ham bands in the past.


From his home on the banks of the Larne Lough, 68DA335 Rabs’ shack is blessed with a number of high end rigs.

Antron_99-3_grandeThey include an ICOM IC-7800, Yaesu FT-1000MP MK5, and ICOM IC-7000 transceivers and a number of vintage CB radios (e.g. a President Lincoln).

On a mast outside, a Solarcon A99 is responsible for ensuring his signal is carried across the airways and is heard by rare dx stations and others around the globe.

A popular antenna amongst DA-RC members, the A99 or Antron is a half-wave over a quarter-wave variable mutual inductance antenna designed for use on the 11 meter CB band and, according to Rabs, it really “packs a punch”.


r1396279_19893044As well as showcasing a sense of humour, 68DA335 Rabs’ personal Facebook page will confirm that driving sports cars and motor racing is a fave pastime. 

He appears to have a special affinity for German BMW sports vehicles, in fact, and has owned one for many years.

Rabs also enjoys racing remote control cars!

You will copy 68DA335 Rabs calling CQ on the international call frequency 27.555 MHz or checking in to the mid weekly Net alongside his fellow DA-RC members.  He’s very happy to exchange QSL cards.

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