*Meet* 68DA104 Geoff

The DA-RC’s population of Eleven Metre band radio operators in Northern Ireland continues flourish with another quality DX Hunter  coming on board.

The DX Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is pleased to welcome 68DA104 Geoff to the Club who joins in late December 2016.

Geoff comes highly recommended by DXCC Coordinator 68DA001 Joe who has known him for many years on different mediums of radio comms.

Prior to becoming a member of the DA-RC, Geoff’s callsign for work on 11m was 68AI002.  He has worked and confirmed more than 100 DXCC and qualifies for DA-RC membership via the DX Hunter category.

Geoff’s home QTH in 68 Division is the postcard-perfect North Antrim Coast.  The Antrim Coast is one of the most popular and scenic drives in the whole of Northern Ireland.

A popular vacation getaway from Belfast, the leading attraction along the coast is the Giant’s Causeway, a 4-mile long stretch of shoreline famous for its bizarre rock columns.

CushendunApparently, this region is also where many of the scenes for the world famous TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ were filmed.

There are many other attractions worth asking Geoff about also, propagation permitting.  The “White Arch” at Waterfoot, for instance, is the pier of a bridge built in 1873 for the Glenariff Iron Ore and Harbour Company as part of Ireland’s first 3 ft gauge railway.

The Blackcave Tunnel or “Black Arch” at the start of the Antrim Coast Road at the northern edge of Larne,  Carrickfergus Castle, a Norman castle built in 1177,  Ballycastle, site of the 400-year-old Ould Lammas Fair and Bushmills, site of the Old Bushmills Distillery which was founded in 1608 are additional landmarks.

A passionate and highly knowledgeable communications hobbyist who enjoys field work, 68DA104 Geoff does a lot of mobile and static mobile DXing, operating very often from hill tops in his local area.  Recently, in fact, he has been carrying out some tests on the T2 LT wire antenna for portable use.

Coupled with an impressive station and no doubt Geoff’s new Delta-Alfa callsign will be jostling with Europe’s premier DXers on the International Calling Frequency, 27.555 MHz USB, when the openings occur!


  • Via 68DA001 Joe