*MEET* 43DA111 Adam

New Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 43DA111 Adam is, without doubt, one of the most talented and multi-skilled radio comms hobbyists there is in the South Pacific area.

Not only is Adam a very active and enthusiastic home-based and portable DX Hunter on 26-27 MHz frequencies; one with a fierce attraction to the DA-RC’s reputation as leaders in the field of DXpedition work.

He’s also a certified audio engineer, fitness fanatic, xtreme sports radical AND a world-class blues musician (See right)!

History reveals that 43DA111 Adam launched an interest in radio comms in the mid 1990’s when he became involved in citizens band (CB) radio ‘Fox Hunts’.

Weekend get-togethers with mates to search for hidden transmitters (e.g. in a car, in a park, or on a hill, etc.) proved to be the catalyst for a lifelong connection to radio and electronics.

As time went by, though, Adam sold all of his radio equipment (Not an uncommon occurrence for many hobbyists hihi) as he was busy with other projects in life — starting as a full-time motor mechanic and then a full-time musician touring around the country.

Being on the road and performing as one of the hottest slide guitarists in the country, however, eventually got him back into radio “as crossing the Nullarbor Plains (an area of flat, almost treeless, arid or semi-arid country of southern Australia) many times does get boring!”

Hooking up an old 40 channel AX-144 cb radio in the car during one of his travels helped him rediscover his love for radio comms and the self confessed “technology nerd” was addicted again.

In recent times, 43DA111 Adam has added to his 100 worked and confirmed DXCC, working some of the 11m DX Community’s ‘Most Wanted’ entities such as 271DA0 Nauru Atoll and countless Islands On The Air (IOTA) such as 43DA/OC-137 Russell Island and various Hawaiian islands in the OC-17 group.

A couple of cutting edge ICOM rigs and a four element quad antenna towering above his local neighborhood and it’s not surprising he’s one of 43 Division’s loudest stations!

When he’s not on the road touring the country and playing to ‘packed houses’, 43DA111 Adam’s hobbies outside 11m DXing include body-building, surfing, jet-skiing, and boating.

On this note, the tranquil waters and perfect WX of south-east Queensland, with its golden sandy beaches and rolling reef breaks, are the perfect setting for these last few pursuits.

One of his other passions, still, is his work as a professional audio engineer and ownership of an online professional audio recording studio.  This company supports musicians Australia wide — mixing and mastering all genres of music and polishing it to the highest of industry standards.

No doubt, with any QSO, 43DA111 Adam will have some wise words too regarding any radio comms hobbyist looking to incorporate a studio sound with their TX audio.  Either that or a few choice words regarding the latest surf conditions of some of the Gold Coast’s most famous breaks…

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