*MEET* 3DA005 Leonardo

Licensed ‘A Class’ ham — Proven 11m DX Hunter — Communications expert… 3DA005 Leonardo from Brazil joins with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) in January 2020 and brings with him almost 30 years of knowledge, skills and experience.

“I started my activities on the radio in 1993,” he explains. 

“I was an Alfa Tango member for over 20 years (3AT128) and also a member of the Alfa Charlie club (3AC125).

The beginning of Cycle 25, however, sees Leonardo seek an exciting new role in a very strong DA-RC Brazil Team; one in which the focus is very much on DXpedition work and hitting ‘new heights’ on the best HF DX band.

As a world class DX Hunter, 3DA005 Leonardo has accumulated — worked and confirmed — a massive 242 DXCC on 11m.

This puts him in the top echelon of South American Freeband operators!

On the same band, 3DA005 Leonardo is also experienced in the kingdom of Islands On The Air (IOTA) DXpedition work.

A highlight was being QRV from the rare Sao Paulo State East group (Ilhabela Island, SA-028) in 2014.

He’s also partial to some portable dx work during holiday periods with his wife and dog!

In the ham world, similarly, Leonardo has logged an impressive 309 DXCC as an ‘A Class’ Licensed operator.

Our new DA-RC ‘Paulistano’ is renowned locally for his world class station; his expertise in digi-modes, as a sponsor of big DXpeditions and as being a ‘hobby mentor’ to others.

“I’m really enjoying  digital modes,” explains 3DA005 Leonardo

“Especially RTTY, PSK31, PSK63, FT8 & JT65…”

3DA005 Leonardo’s TX base is the municipality of Itapeva which is located in the Southwest region of São Paulo, one of the 26 states of the Federative Republic of Brazil.

In Tupi language, its name means “flat stone” and, according to the history books, it was founded as a village in the beginning of the 18th century by Antônio Furquim Pedroso.

In addition to being the largest city in this region, Itapeva is said to be the second largest tomato producer in the state.

In fact, agriculture is a way of life here for many people.

“In addition to a farming lifestyle, Itapeva is a quiet city that offers residents good leisure options,” says 3DA005 Leonardo .

“Places such as the Slave Wall, Sant’Ana Cathedral (See pictured right), Pirituba Canyon, Vila Isabel Station, the Pilão D’Agua, the Dr. Pinheiro Promenade and Water Pylon Park…”

“These are all very popular amongst locals and visitors to the region…”

QRZ.COM indicates that 3DA005 Leonardo is well equipped for success across all bands…

Features of his station include Yaesu FT-950 & ICOM IC-706 MKIIG transceivers, an MD-100 Yaesu microphone, Ameritron AL 811-H Amplifier, TH7-DX Hygain Triband (10, 15, 20m) antenna, A3WS (12, 17m) antenna, 3 element yagis for 30 & 40m, a full Delta Loop for 80 & 160m, a Yaesu G-1000 rotator and Yaesu SCU-17 & Signalink Interfaces.

When he’s not chasing DX in the comfort of his home shack, 3DA005 Leonardo likes to take to the opens seas in a boat with his fishing gear.

Target species are tuna, and similar large species (albacore, yellowfin, swordfish, bigeye, shark, etc.) with the South Atlantic Ocean being just a couple of hours drive from his home QTH.

3DA005 Leonardo also enjoys travel and the picturesque islands off São Paulo such as Ilha de Búzios, Ilha de Toque Toque, Ilha do Tamanduá and Ilha Anchieta rank high on his list of possible DXstinations in the future.

Often, though, you’ll hear him  on the International Call frequency 27.555 MHz USB and Leonardo is always keen to exchange QSL cards for any contact achieved!


Leonardo Zucon

PO Box 817


São Paulo