*MEET* 3DA003 Roberto

In the heart of South America, the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) is delighted to introduce to you 3DA003 Roberto, from the Federative Republic of Brazil, who links with our club in October 2020.

A well-known and professional guy, 3DA003 Roberto (See pictured above mid-contest) is a proficient 11m band DX Hunter, evidenced by some impressive statistics that qualify him for DA-RC membership in the DX Hunter category (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).

Previously recognised on 27 MHz frequencies as 3GPC001 and a current member of the local GPC Club, 3DA003 Roberto has amassed an extraordinary 275 DXCC over a period of some 30 years involvement in the radio comms.

A keen and successful contester also, 3DA003 Roberto joins an already impressive team of 11m operators in Brazil; guys who are determined to make a serious impact in the field of dx adventure in Cycle 25.

At the time of his DA-RC membership, 3DA003 Roberto’s station consists of three modern transceivers that equip him perfectly for home base or portable DX work…

The first is a Yaesu FT-857D — the world’s smallest HF/VHF/UHF mobile transceiver — yet one with base station type performance.

The second is a Yaesu FT-450D — A 100 watt HF and 6 meter rig with 10 khz roofing filter and internal automatic antenna tuner.

The third is a Voyager VR-148GTL citizens band radio that covers 26.965 – 27.855 Mhz.

Competing for space on his radio shack bench, alongside these rigs, are an CTE International Alan 777 Plus linear amplifier/booster and the Yaesu MH-31A8J, a high-quality, hand microphone.

Above his residence in the world’s 5th largest country, a 3 element monoband homemade yagi antenna provides exceptional opportunities to work DX.

It’s not surprising then that Roberto’s QRZ is regularly acknowledged on the world’s online forums by 11m DX Hunters in different corners of the world.

3DA003 Roberto’s home QTH is in the Brazilian municipality of Campinas in São Paulo State.

In Portuguese, its name means “grass fields”.

The fourteenth most populous Brazilian city and the third most populous municipality in São Paulo, Roberto’s city has many exciting tourist attractions worth noting in a QSO…

Firstly, the old train station of Companhia Paulista Railways, a symbol of the city of Campinas, is an important center for recreation and culture, hosting workshops, concerts and other cultural activities throughout the year.

Nearby, the 1807 constructed Metropolitan Cathedral with its 4 century old bells in the main tower, is made of compressed clay, a construction technique of old tradition.

Furthermore, an ideal local DXstination for portable work is the Castle Tower some 735 m above sea level.

Built between 1936 and 1940, it’s said to be highest altitude point in the urban area and provides amazing panoramic views of the city.

Another tourist hotspot, according to 3DA003 Roberto, is the “Bamboo Grove Lagoon”.

This offers a variety of recreational and cultural experiences, such as paddle boats, a replica of the caravel ship that brought Pedro Álvares Cabral to discover Brazil, picnic groves, bird nurseries; an area with fitness equipment, playgrounds, a scenic 4km electric tramway with historic tramcars and more.

Located in the central region of Campinas, the Municipal Market, better known as “Mercadão”, is also located in Campinas and it has stalls full of delicious fresh product from the fields.

In some circles through, Campinas is most renowned for the Escola Preparatória de Cadetes do Exército (Prep School of the Brazilian Army).

Since 1961, this military barracks has educated and trained future cadets for the Brazilian Army.

When he’s not chasing DX and working hard to crack the elusive 300 DXCC mark, 3DA003 Roberto enjoys taking to the waters of Campinas to catch fish during his spare hours as a refrigeration mechanic.

As the photos show, he’s an expert recreational fisherman; one who catches many different species of fish for sport.

3DA003 Roberto also enjoys listening to music, creating video clips for his special sports fishing channel on YouTube (See: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCD7X4eVNj3oK_yt3FOhnXLQ?view_as=subscriber), and cheering bike riders in the world famous Tour de France cycling event which was first held back in 1903.

Like most of his fellow DA-RC Members, 3DA003 Roberto is QRV most days on the International Call Frequency, 27.555 MHz USB.

In addition to the regular social media sites and online hobby forums, 3DA003 Roberto is also very active on Cluster dx with his Delta-Alfa (DA) callsign to chat about propagation, log DX spots, chat with friends, etc.


End Avenida Pastor João Prata Vieira 312, CEP: 13054370, Campinas, SP, Brasil