*MEET* 347DA116 Sherman


hqdefaultThe postcard perfect island of Curacao, a Lesser Antilles island DXCC in the southern Caribbean Sea, is home to Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 347DA116 Mr Sherman.

Sherman is one of the most well-known and booming DX Hunters in the 11m DX community, a reputation forged through previous work with the Alfa Tango club and many years on the best DX band.

curacaocaribSherman joins the DA-RC in October 2017 via the DX Hunter category in which he’s worked and confirmed more than 200 DXCC entities.

A constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Sherman’s island home is about 65 km north of the Venezuelan coast.

It is referenced as SA-099 by the Radio Society of Great Britain’s IOTA Program.

According to the atlas, Curacao Island lies on the continental shelf of South America and is therefore considered a SA DXCC.

In fact, it’s regarded as the ideal gateway to dx adventure to one or more of the more ‘difficult to attain’ Caribbean islands!

347 division is known for its beautiful beaches tucked into rocky coves, its crystal clear waters and its expansive coral reefs rich with marine life.

The city of Willemstad is 347DA116 Sherman’s home and this city is renowned for its natural deepwater seaport and being one of the largest oil handling ports in the Caribbean.

It’s also famous for an array of colonial architecture that is influenced by Dutch styles and a number of casinos which attract many thousands of tourists each year.


tAccording to the history books, when the Dutch arrived in 1634, they built forts at key points around the island to protect themselves from foreign powers, privateers, and pirates.

Many of these such as the ‘Fort-Beekenburg’ (See pictured below), remain intact today and Sherman has identified these as potential Castles On The Air (COTA) opportunities in the future.

Fort Beekenburg

IOTA_DARC_logo_official_transparentLike many of his fellow DA-RC friends, 347DA116 Sherman is also a licensed ham operative.

He’s a committed member of the local Curacao ham radio club and active in many ham events and contests with his Kenwood TS570D transceiver and a Maco M-103 antenna.

Away from the radio communications hobby and DA-RC’s popular Caribbean DXer nominates fishing, sailing and diving as his chief interests.

He’s also into aviation and sports cars.

According to Sherman, scuba divers can get a little bit of everything in Curaçao — wreck and reef diving, boat and shore diving along healthy coral reefs and sloping walls.

Its desert environment, furthermore, means that there’s little runoff to affect visibility and water is usually very clear and warm.

Sherman also enjoys driving his sports car and riding in helicopters.

To confirm a contact with 347DA116 Sherman’s island station and obtain one of the striking QSL cards for his SA division (See below), please see the infos below…

QSL Infos

  • Via DA-RC HQ, PO Box 3140, Browns Plains LPO, QLD, Australia, 4118