*MEET* 26DA2121 Adrian


2000px-Flag-map_of_the_Kingdom_of_England.svgGrandfather, golfer, traveler, fisherman, portable and home base Ham and 11m DXer…

200px-West_Midlands_in_England.svg26DA2121 Adrian’s zest for life is fully evident by the wonderful variety of hobbies and interests which demand his time.

Add to that hiking, clay shooting, cycling and cleaning up after his daughter’s horse and it’s surprising Adrian has the time for radio comms.

Fortunately however, this is not the case with the DA-RC’s new member in 26 Division describing himself as “a very active DXer…”


Like many of his fellow members, 26DA2121 Adrian enjoys the technical aspects of radio comms bargains.

22309024_130274807623545_74093284363890202_nHe’s always on the lookout for a bargain to tinker around with and other items for his assortment of hobbies.

“I enjoy using a very wide range of transceivers,” says Adrian. 

“I’ve done a little “home brewing” and constructed a number of antennas. 

In fact, I have quite an antenna farm here at the QTH….”

26DA2121 Adrian’s primary DX weapon of choice is a *new on the market* Icom IC-7300 transceiver which debuted at the Tokyo Hamfair just a couple of years ago.

An Antron 99 vertical sits high above his home and this antenna by Canadian company Solarcon seems to be the antenna of choice at the moment of most EU DXers.


early-july15-04526DA2121 Adrian is located in the West Midlands, a metropolitan county and city region in western central England which contains the second most populous British city, Birmingham.

26DA2121 Adrian’s residence, in the market town of Bedworth, is a stone’s throw away, on the banks of the Sowe River which flows through Exhall, northern and eastern Coventry, Baginton and Stoneleigh, before joining the River Avon south of Stoneleigh.


m_10231_Bedworth_Pub“My wife and I travel abroad once or twice a year to holiday,” explains Adrian.  No doubt the scenic surrounds of his local area, however, are never far from his mind.

These include the Nicholas Chamberlaine Almshouses on All Saints’ Square in the town centre, built in Tudor style and dating from 1840; the Bedworth Civic Hall; the Bedworth water tower built in the 1880s in the then fashionable style of an Italian campanile; and a number of Roman Catholic and Church of England churches.

rsgb_logo26DA2121 Adrian’s radio time is reportedly split 60/40 — operating mainly from the home shack in Bedworth and the remainder as a portable or mobile station.

Adrian tries to support the local DX clubs with special activations, weekly nets etc.  He remains a member of the Tango Mike DX club also.

As has already been acknowledged, Adrian’s interests inside the hobby are diverse.

He enjoys 11m local rag chewing and chasing DX.

He operates as a licensed amateur in the UK on HF, VHF and UHF bands mainly on SSB & FM voice.

He has also logged QSO’s on data modes but claims they’re not my “cup of tea” .

One of the biggest draw cards for Adrian though and one which ensures that despite so many other leisure pursuits, he’s never far away from the mic, is the opportunity to make new friends through radio.

With a life as rich in experience as his, we’re certainly grateful to share his mateship on the airways!