*MEET* 224DA103 Burineita

* Pictured Below: Young people play a form of football almost every afternoon in a small village on North Tabiteuea.  The goal is to keep the ball from touching the ground, and it can only be touched with the feet and legs.  Everyone claps at the time the ball is hit, and they try to keep it going as long as possible.  In the background is the village maneaba or meeting house.

From the Northern Pacific Ocean’s picturesque Gilbert Islands chain (formerly Kingsmill Islands) is member 224DA103 Burineita who joined the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) back in December 2009.

One of Western Kiribati’s most respected and experienced radio operators, Burineita lives on the remote North Tabiteuea islet (1° 24′ 0″ North, 173° 6′ 0″ East) 400 km from Tarawa.

Here, he is a long time resident of the Tekaman Village and the local protestant church community, among a population of 3600 distributed among 12 villages (capital Utiroa) which inhabit the 26 km² Islet.

When he’s not communicating with friends on other small isles behind the mic of his Kenwood TS-930 transceiver or attending the islet’s Rainbow Church, 224DA103 Burineita is employed as a Solar Energy specialist with the Kiribati Solar Energy Company (KSEC), a job which sees him entrusted with overseeing all solar energy systems on both Tabiteuea North (Meang) and Tabiteuea South (Maiaki) islets, as well as maintaining renewable energy Systems in the whole of Kiribati.

One of Burineita’s main responsibilities, furthermore, is contributing towards the Pacific Islands Greenhouse Gas Abatement through Renewable Energy Project.

In his leisure time on OC-017’s largest island, Burineita enjoys swimming in the super-turquoise waters and playing basketball and volleyball with hand woven nets made from coconut fibre rope in the shade of the islet’s leafy villages, away from the draining tropical heat.  His passion though is football in his soccer-mad country in which the round ball game is his country’s national sport.

As a port for potential DXpedition adventure, there is one airport on Tab-North which takes flights from Air Kiribati from Tarawa, the nation’s island capital.  According to Burineita, “Ships can also enter the lagoon but can not come too close in shore…”

“North Tabiteuea is also the refuelling point for Air Kiribati ‘long haul’ flights to the Southern Gilberts,” says the proud DA-RC member. “This means that there are many planes through each week going southwards to Tabiteuea South, Onotoa, Beru, Nikunau, Tamana and Arorae…”

QSL Information

  • QSL via DA-RC HQ OC, PO Box 3140 Browns Plains LPO, QLD, Australia, 4118