*MEET* 224DA008 Jeremiah

224DA008 Jeremiah is one of his country’s most prolific and skilled 27 MHz radio operators and well known to most DXers in the Pacific Ocean region.


224DA008 Jeremiah’s QTH in the western-central Pacific Ocean is the picturesque coral atoll of Abaiang (sometimes called Apiaia, Charlotte, Matthews or Six Isles) which has a total land area of just 6 square miles.

Carrying the IOTA reference number OC-017 in accordance with the Radio Society of Great Britain’s IOTA Program, this tiny postcard perfect atoll is ring-shaped coral reef which is made up of 30 closely spaced islands on it encircling a beautiful tidal lagoon.

Abaiang Island HutJeremiah’s village is Tabontebike which is located on the point of the cape on the Bingham Channel, the basic conjunction between the lagoon and the Pacific.  According to Jeremiah, “Abaiang Island (the main island), Ribono Island and Nuotaea Island are inhabited.  All the other islands are uninhabited,” he continues, “And two have now been reduced to just rock due to climate change, storm surges and rising seas in the last 40 years…

(See http://www.climate.gov.ki/ )

When he’s not behind the microphone of his Ranger 2950 working DX or chatting with friends and family on nearby islands on 27.335 MHz USB, 224DA008 Jeremiah is employed as a Minister of the Catholic Church which has had strong ties on the island since the early 1900’s.

Road to Abaisng AirportBeside his church that was built in 1859 which overlooks the ocean (See http://wikimapia.org/2102202/The-Catholic-Church ), the Council-owned guesthouse lodge on Sunset Beach is a common visiting place on the island says Jeremiah and more comfortable than most of the simple grass huts with thatched rooves which sit high on stilts to avoid high tides.

In addition to his important community role with the Catholic Church, Jeremiah also enjoys boat building, fishing, cultural dancing, singing and listening to music.

Abaiang Atoll - Under Threat from Climate ChangeThough DA-RC’s member in the Gilberts has no internet access on his far-flung Pacific island, he is sure to keep in touch with other members in the future via the radio transceiver and hopes to work much DX in the coming years with his Delta-Alfa callsign on the international call frequency.

QSL Information

  • Via OC HQ, PO Box 3140, Browns Plains LPO, QLD, Australia, 4118