*DX NEWS* 224DA008 Jeremiah Moves to New Islet

DA-RC HQ can reveal that Western Kiribati member 224DA008 Jeremiah has relocated from Abaiang Atoll to far-flung Buariki Islet where he’ll live, chase dx and continue to work as a minister of the Catholic Church.

Covering a total land area of 12.3 sq. km and surrounded by fringing reef which is inhabited by thousands of species of colourful fish, 224DA008 Jeremiah’s new home is one of two unspoiled coral islets which make up the Kuria Islands; the other being ‘Oneeke’.

Both IOTA dxstinations qualify for the Radio Society of Great Britain defined Gilbert Islands group which carries the reference OC-017.

Situated northwest of Aranuka Atoll, Buariki and Oneeke are separated by a 20m wide channel on a shallow water platform (Te breeti), which is crossed by the Itintoa Causeway.

According to Jeremiah, “This was constructed to allow people to walk through anytime.

It’s also the best swimming spot on the island with astounding blue lagoons and sparkling white sands.”

Jeremiah reports that Buariki is the main administration centre and home to an airport, police hq, guest house and junior secondary school.

It’s also home to the majority of Kuria’s 1000 population, including the Mayor and elderly men who are the only people who can provide overall leadership and make decisions regarding the people of Kuria.

We now understand it that 224DA008 Jeremiah’s station is located at the Buariki Maneaba Community Center which also doubles as the islet’s Catholic Church and community’s recreation centre.

Lucky for Jeremiah, it’s situated right alongside the beach too, only meters from aqua blue Pacific Ocean, providing arguably one of the best views from any ham radio shack in the world.

At just 1m above sea level, the Buariki Maneaba Community Center is close to other landmarks on the islet.

These include the Kiribati Protestant Church and the local primary school, Buariki Village, Boat Channel, Norauea Village, Bouatoa Village, Tabontebike Village (2 km north), New Bridge (2 km north), Kuria Airfield (3 km east), Manenaua Village (4 km northwest) and Canoe Pass (5 km northwest).

Recently shifting from the atoll of Abaiang to one of OC-017’s rarest of islands, 224DA008 Jeremiah will no doubt be will be one of the most keenly sought after of island stations on the band.

QSL information:

Via 43DA001 Darren,


PO Box 3140

Browns Plains LPO

4118 QLD Australia