#MEET# 18DA112 Jimmy

From the country of Greece in southeastern Europe TX new Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 18DA112 Jimmy who connects with our club in late February 2019.

Jimmy’s DXCC is the southernmost in the Balkan Peninsula.

It’s bounded on the north by Macedonia (332 Division) and Bulgaria (178); on the north-east by Turkey (116); on the east by the Aegean Sea; on the south by the Mediterranean Sea; on the southwest and west by the Ionian Sea; and on the north-west by Albania (251).

A well-regarded and friendly 11m DX operator in EU circles, Jimmy increases the DA-RC’s Directory population to 4 in this DX-quisite part of the world with 18DA010 Jim, 18DA011 Eugene and 18DA113 Dimitris also part of the famous Greek Team.

In the radio shack, 18DA112 Jimmy’s station features an ALBRECHT AE 5890 EU transceiver and a ½ wave omnidirectional Sirio GPS-27 vertical which towers above the roof of his Mediterranean abode.

18DA112 Jimmy resides in Lamias, a picturesque city in central Greece (18 Division).

Situated 215 km northwest of Athens, the nation’s capital, Lamias is built in the place of the ancient town of Lamia on the southern slopes of Othri near Spercheios River.

The capital of Roumeli and with almost 50,000 inhabitants, this city was rumored to have been named after the mythological figure of Lamia (Pictured left), the daughter of Poseidon, and queen of the Trachineans.

It’s the trade, industrial and transit centre of the prefecture of Fthiotida, west of prefecture Euboea and south of region Thessaly.

Landmarks here include exhibits in the archaeological museum of the city and Lamia Castle, the city’s fortified Acropolis.

The Platia Eleftherias (Freedom Square), furthermore, is the site of the towns independence day parade, and main cathedral.

Pictured left, this area also has many quirky cafes with open air outdoor seating which are ideal to chillax in when the propagation on the world’s premier HF DX band is sleeping.

Out of the a hot-summer Mediterranean climate, 18DA112 Jimmy’s hobbies and interests include radio streaming, computers (software/hardware), DJing, music production and internet services.

With hundreds of postcard-perfect islands scattered off the Balkan country’s mountainous shoreline though, no doubt 18DA112 Jimmy’s love of extreme dx adventure will take him into the world of IOTA Dxpedition work in the not so distant future too!

QSL Infos

  • “Will QSL First”