*MEET* 14DA905 Eric


France FlagFrom the land of the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, the Lascaux, the Palace of Versailles, of frog’s legs and more….

Vibrant Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 14DA905 Eric was introduced to the exciting world of DX on the premier HF DX band…Eleven Meters…in the late 1990’s.

14DA905Now, late October 2017, sees him accepted into the DA-RC following years as an independent operator and part-time operations and a growing reputation as one of western Europe’s hungriest DX Hunters.

An eager radio comms hobbyist who’s dominated the logs of DXpeditions across Europe in recent times, 14DA905 Eric’s home in 14 Division is Achères, a French commune of the department of Yvelines, in Île-de-France.

imageAs indicated by the world atlas, Île-de-France is a picturesque region in north-central France.

It surrounds the nation’s famed capital, Paris, an international center for culture and cuisine with chic cafes and formal gardens.

14df905eThe city’s landmarks include the Louvre, home to da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa,” the iconic Eiffel Tower and Gothic Notre-Dame Cathedral.

Outside Paris, there are forests, grand châteaux and farms, including dairies that produce milk for Brie.


14DA905 Eric’s home QTH, Achères, is located 6km northwest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye and 4km northeast of Poissy. 

It’s just 27.3 km from Paris, the French capital.

Achères is a town bordering the Seine in a loop of the river, on the left bank, facing the confluence of the Oise, bordering and north of the forest of Saint-Germain-en-Laye.

According to 14DA905 Eric, notable monuments here are the church Saint-Martin, which dates back to the 12th century and whose bell tower was restored in 1904 and the ancient Roman ruins called “de Garennes”.


As a member, one of the greatest attractions the DA-RC offers, explains 14DA905 Eric, is “the opportunity to experience professional dx adventure.”

“I aim to organise activations representing the DA-RC group all over the world…”

19029491_144060392807245_3864205398885125270_nApart from chasing DX, two of 14DA905 Eric’s interests are SSTV and propagation forecasts.

Slow Scan television (SSTV) is a picture transmission method to transmit and receive static pictures via radio in monochrome or color.

Eric regularly posts updates on forums on solar cycle activity and its impact on radio comms.

In addition to an obvious passion for radio comms and its various sub-branches, 14DA905 Eric also confesses to a compelling interest in gardening, tropical fish aquariums and Information Technology computer science.

From all reports it provides him with ideal sources of relaxation away from employment and the hustle bustle of life in the DX capital of the world.

QSL Infos

  • Eric, 7 COUR MARTINE CAROL  78 260 Achères