14DA051 Chris Applauds *NEW* Stick-11

Popular Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) member 14DA051 Chris (pictured above) is singing the praises of the little-known Stick-11 portable antenna on our club’s internal mailing list after employing it in the field recently for a spot of dx adventure.

A ½ λ vertical comprising of a six meter fibreglass fishing rod and wire radiator, this awesome new antenna reportedly performs very similar to the famous Antron 99 by US manufacturer Solarcon with a 2.5dbi gain and 2000 KHz band width.  Impedance matching with this antenna, though, is done by an L-C tuneable system in a well-made PVC box (See right).  It also has many advantages over the old Antrons.

In addition to being a powerful performer on the band, the Stick-11 is also DXpedition friendly due to its light weight and compact nature, collapsing to just 60cm when not in use and stowing away easily into holiday luggage for transportation.  Not requiring a mast, the antenna is also very fast and easy to erect on the ground to be used from the balcony of a hotel, on a roof, alongside the car, etc.

Given that 14DA051 Chris is one of the most active DXpeditioners in the club and currently tied up with his new project the 2012 COTA Challenge (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/contests/cota-challenge/), it’s not surprising that he finds the new Stick-11 portable antenna perfect for his dx adventure.

For more info on the Stick-11 portable antenna, you can email 14DA051 Chris direct or make a comment on this article below.  1SD019 Alex also sells the antenna and would be happy to talk about it with you.

Below you can also see Alex testing the antenna on the air, while working a small island in the West Indies.