*MEET* 14DA014 Phil

In many ways, 14DA014 Phil is the ultimate Eleven Metre DX Hunter.  278 DXCC entities notched in a 25 year hobby career, numerous first placings in world contests such the Romeo Charlie event in 2015, the Alfa Tango Santa events in 2013 & 2014, and a habit of tearing through enormous pileups to nab ‘Most Wanted’ DX with all the precision of a heart surgeon; all contribute to this widely-held reputation in the Freeband DX Community.

Not only does Phil qualify for membership with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) as a ‘big gun’ DX Hunter.

He also complies via the DXpeditioner category with several Inland Water Island (IWI) activities conducted in the last couple of years under the Romeo Charlie (RC) club banner.

14DA014 Phil’s home QTH is Lagrange, a small French village, located in the department of Landes and the Aquitaine region.  Situated near the Regional Park of Landes de Gascogne, Lagrange’s 200 odd inhabitants are called the ‘Grangers’ or the ‘Grangères’.

Spread over some 21.1 km ², Lagrange is 105 meters above sea level and surrounded by the municipalities of Saint-Julien-d’Armagnac, Mauvezin-d’ Armagnac and Cazaubon.

It is just 2 km southwest of Creon-d’Armagnac the largest nearby city.

Phil’s home town has many exciting features…  Google Maps indicates that Lagrange is close to the picturesque Landes de Gascogne Regional Natural Park.  This is reportedly a protected area of pine forest, wetland and oceanic coastline, densely populated by migratory birds in the Teich Bird Sanctuary (Pictured above and below), one which had originally been an inland sea.

The Church of Saint Peter, named after Rome’s first bishop, is a charming historical monument in Phil’s village dating from the 11th century and 12th century; while the Rivière La Douze, the Creek Jaurey the Ruisseau de Peyre are waterways which curl their way through the local countryside.

14DA014 Phil’s DX resume is just as extraordinary as his current station, highlighted by an 8 element homemade yagi antenna (Pictured above) which dominates the Lagrange skyline.

Yaesu FT-1000MP MK V Field, ICOM IC-7410 and ICOM IC-706 transceivers, an ICOM SM-20 unidirectional, electret microphone and an EXPLORER 1200 Linear Amp UK 1200W HF Linear Amplifier are just a few of the impressive features of his radio shack bench top also.

In addition to chasing DX and venturing into the field for portable dx adventure, 14DA014 Phil nominates collecting QSL cards, short wave listening (SWL), website design, antenna construction, IOTA, LOTA and IWI work as his main hobby interests.

To clear his head, 14DA014 Phil takes to the open roads through nearby forests and basins on his Suzuki GSF-1250 S 600 GSXR motorcycles (Pictured below).  He also enjoys sharpening his competitive edge through circuit racing.

Whether or not this gets the blood racing just as much as it would working a ‘New One’ on the hobby’s premier DX band, 11m, is anyone’s guess!!!

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