*MEET* 13DA101 Tomek

The Dx Adventure Radio Club is happy to introduce to you 13DA101 Tomek who resides in the Federal Republic of Germany.

Recognized through previous DX work as 13AT130, Tomek (Pictured above) joins the DA-RC in January 2015, hoping to establish himself on the dx adventure scene with one of the 11m DX Community’s most committed DXpedition clubs.

Cluster dk and online proofs pages confirm that 13DA101 Tomek is one of the most active and successful young 11m DXers in western-central Europe.

He regularly features in the logs of the world’s biggest DXpeditions, for example, and is known for his support of some of the hobby’s leading dx adventure teams too.

Tomek achieves DA-RC Membership in the DX Hunter category with more than 130 DXCC worked and confirmed in the past 5 years, the majority of which took place using a huge 4 element LFA Yagi high above the rooftop of his home (See below).

That’s an impressive strike rate few in the 11m DX Community could compete with and one which is sure to place him in good stead for many awards in the DA-RC Achievement Program. [See http://www.delta-alfa.com/projects/awards/]

On the radio shack desk, popular Yaesu and Icom rigs sit alongside a Superstar SS6900N V6 10m transceiver and other DX-cessories; while a PC provides fast fingertip access to the major clusters and world’s hobby forums where Tomek is a keen and profitable contributor in technical and DXpedition issues.

Away from the shack, and 13DA101 Tomek’s home on the right bank of the Elbe River, 53 km west of Ludwigslust, 25 km northeast of Lüneburg and 50 km east of Hamburg in Boizenburg municipality is the ideal location for enjoying another of his favourite pastimes…fishing.

Whether it be casting a line in the beautiful harbour or one of the other nearby waterways pictured right, it’s a past time Tomek attributes fridge-fuls of flounder and other local fish.

Apart from being placed just a few kilometers behind the perimeter of the old Iron Curtain, Tomek’s home QTH, Boizenburg, is famous for the pristine natural landscape of the Elbe Valley region stretching to the North, South and East.

Popular with tourists, it also boasts centuries-old half-timbered houses surrounded by an even older ramparts, museums, cafes, old shipyards, natural water parks, a famous tile factory, war memorabilia, and so much more.

Apart from what’s happening on the DXpedition calendar, PLUS, where he’s expecting his next postcard direct, no doubt these matters will be hot QSO topics indeed for 13DA101 Tomek if propagation permits too!

QSL Information

  • Tomek prefers to QSL First thanks