*MEET* 108DA079 Mark


From the island of Great Britain (EU-005), off the north-west coast of Continental Europe, 108DA079 Mark launches into a new era of HF DXing with the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC), linking with our boutique brand in late November 2017.

As a new ‘Delta-Alfa’ QRZ user, Mark is active on 26-27 MHz frequencies, predominantly in nets with European based DXers — many of whom are also connected to the DA-RC.

111111Just as he was with his previous QRZ, 108MK001, Mark is also a wholehearted DX Hunter and it’s in this particular category that he qualifies for membership with the DA-RC (See http://www.delta-alfa.com/about/membership/).


In southwest Scotland 108DA079 Mark resides, in a charming seaside town known as ‘Stranraer’.

In addition to having one of the most beautiful LOTA DXstinations in EU in the Corsewall Lighthouse (ARLHS Ref: SCO-052) (Pictured Above) nearby, Stranraer is perhaps best known as a ferry port connecting Scotland with Belfast in Northern Ireland (68 Division).

Stranraer Ariel view 1_25286This settlement is positioned on the shores of Loch Ryan on the northern side of the isthmus joining the Rhins of Galloway to the mainland.

Wikipedia suggests that it’s province Dumfries and Galloway’s second-largest town, with a population including the surrounding area of nearly 13,000.

high-kirk1Local landmarks here, according to our admired Scottish DXer, include Ardwell Gardens; the Glenluce Abbey — a 12th-century Cistercian monastery; the Mull of Galloway (the most southerly point of Scotland) and the Old Town Hall.

This latter construction was reportedly built in 1776 and now houses the Stranraer Museum with its displays of Victorian Wigtownshire and the town’s polar explorers, Sir John Ross and his nephew James Clark Ross.

The Castle of St John

ls108DA079 Mark’s home stamping ground, Stranraer, also boasts a number of possible Castles & Fortresses On The Air (COTA) opportunities that will no doubt be high on his dx adventure ‘to do’ list.

Firstly, the Castle of St. John (Pictured above) is a medieval tower house, built around 1500 by the Adairs of Kilhilt.


Execution_of_the_Rev._James_Guthrie,_Edinburgh_1661.tiffBy all reports this construction has been used as a home, a court, a prison, and a military garrison, the last during the Killing Times in the 1680s.

The town is also home to the North West Castle (Pictured above), built in 1820 and the first hotel in the world with its own indoor curling ice rink.

DSCN3258A third COTA prospect exists due to the close proximity of The Castle Kennedy Gardens. 

This is a 75-acre garden between two lochs, noted for its rhododendrons, azaleas and embothriums in the grounds of Lochinch Castle (Pictured below), the seat of the Earls of Stair.


1200px-Stranraer_FC_logo.svgOutdoors and 108DA079 Mark is into football and currently plays for his semi-pro local league team, the Stranraer Football Club.

Amazingly, he and his brother gained full Scottish international rep honours in the past, lighting the pitch up for the national side and delighting the Tartan Army with their heroics.

Stranraer have been fined by the SPFLAs a keen radio comms enthusiast though, Mark doesn’t rely solely on football with Scotland’s third oldest club for ‘kicks’…

In fact, it’s no substitute for tackling a “new one” on the world’s premier HF DX band or catching up with a long lost radio mate.


downloadA Sirio Gainmaster antenna on the roof, looking out over the serene surrounds of his town, and Kenwood TS-480 SAT + Yaesu FT920 transceivers purring away in the home ‘locker room’, ensure he always shoots well on the DX scoreboard.

108DA079 Mark is also a keen mobile op. 

ts480Out and about in the field, from vantage points usually by the ocean, he uses a President Grant rig and a Sirio High Powered 4000-PL vertical antenna to rope in the DX.

No doubt you’ll be hearing plenty of 108DA079 Mark on Eleven Meters in the future as he settles in to his new ‘team’.

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