*Meet* 104DA101 Roy & 104DA102 Syl

The grandiose Mediterranean isle of Corsica (EU-014) is one of the hottest IOTA properties in Europe.  Now the Dx Adventure Radio Club (DA-RC) has a strong presence there too since February 2014 thanks to husband and wife team Roy and Syl who take on the QRZ’s 104DA101 and 104DA102 respectively.

Two of the most well-known and respected DXers in the International 11m DX Community, 104DA101 Roy and 104DA102 Syl are regarded as leaders in the field of DXpedition work, DX Hunters of the highest order and practised in the field of DX Leadership also.

Records show that this audacious couple have been QRV in the field from Martinique (136), Sri Lanka (177), the Maldives (152), Reunion (173), Cyprus (110), Dhekelia & Akrotiri (291) and Corsica (104) Divisions.

They’ve experienced success in some of the world’s biggest DX contests and held Country Coordinator and QSL Manager positions respectively during previous associations with Alfa Tango, Sugar Delta, Delta Tango, Golf Tango, Echo Tango and, more recently, the Voice of Greece DX Group.

Roy and Syl’s stunning island QTH, located west of Italy, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia (EU-024), combines vast stretches of amazing shoreline and secret beach coves with the beauty of forests and unyielding mountain peaks that are sprinkled with medieval hilltop villages.

There’s an intricate network of ancient footpaths and mule paths throughout this magnificent “mountain in the sea” also, routes criss-crossing the whole island linking valley with valley and region with region, including the idyllic village of Sierra where Roy and Syl reside.


On this note, a 4 element yagi and Antron 99 vertical antenna soaring into the heavens have the best views of any antennas arguably anywhere in the world; offering unparalleled take-offs which guarantee a great shot at any of the world’s most sought after dxpedition activities.

While 104DA101 Roy and 104DA102 Syl share a passion for radio comms, their interests outside of the hobby are also similar…

104DA102 Syl enjoys playing golf, photography, travelling, science (e.g. reading about the International Space Station), fishing, painting, playing music and cuddling up with her cats.

Originally from Northern Ireland (68 division) where he was born and raised in Belfast, 104DA101 Roy lists golf, photography, video editing and radio controlled quad-copters as his leisure pursuits but, like his wife, enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of his country’s thriving local and international culture, music, cuisine, cultural festivals and art just as much!

Proud, generous and free-spirited characters like their Corsican compatriots, both DA-RC members are active on the world’s hobby forums too where you can expect to read interesting tales of DXpedition experiences, comments on radio products and general kind-hearted QSO.

Most of the time, however, they’re battling each other for time on the mic, chasing rare DX with a will as strong as the granite rock from which the island of Corsica was hewn!

QSL Information:

PO Box 32